Sunday, January 15, 2012

My birthday gift

My SIL gave me a surprise birthday party last night and my DIL made a special gift for me. I told her on Grandparent's Day that I wanted a tshirt with my granddaughters' handprints. Ya' know every grandparent has to have that shirt.Well, she made the tshirt for my birthday. My DIL is very creative but I never expected what she made for me.

She also made tshirts for each of my granddaughters that say granddaughter #1 and #2 with their silhouette on them. I didn't get pics of them because the girls left before I could snag a pic. My grandaughter calls me Nonnie or Grandma Nonnie. My DIL spelled it differently than I do. I absolutely love how she designed them. I just had to share.

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