Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine cards

I was going through my stash and I came across my Valentine's day K and Co. stack that I bought last year. One of the papers had several cards so I was inspired to make a couple of cards. I love Valentine's Day! Next to Thanksgiving it's my favorite holiday. It's like my Christmas. I have already begun decorating the house. I put up the banner I made last year. I'll post a pic of that later. Here are the cards:

My birthday gift

My SIL gave me a surprise birthday party last night and my DIL made a special gift for me. I told her on Grandparent's Day that I wanted a tshirt with my granddaughters' handprints. Ya' know every grandparent has to have that shirt.Well, she made the tshirt for my birthday. My DIL is very creative but I never expected what she made for me.

She also made tshirts for each of my granddaughters that say granddaughter #1 and #2 with their silhouette on them. I didn't get pics of them because the girls left before I could snag a pic. My grandaughter calls me Nonnie or Grandma Nonnie. My DIL spelled it differently than I do. I absolutely love how she designed them. I just had to share.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Happy New Year everyone! I have been wanting to post something on my revamped blog since New Years Day but I am horrible with this picture thing. I need to find a better, faster way to get pics on my blog. I talk a lot so writing often is not a issue. I am really lazy when it comes to taking pics, uploading them and then adding them (I think a new computer would resolve the issue). Also I wanted to have a good idea about the direction of my blog this year before I started posting. What I wanted to do, a linky party sort-of thing, won't work on Blogspot so I had to rework some things. But stay tuned cause I have some fun and inspirational things ahead. Just since Christmas I have made a dress form pin cusion, a no-sew jacket thingee, t-shirt scarves, decoupaged my sewing table, painted and DIY'd some pic frames, revamped some other misc. Goodwill items, had a mini thrift clothing haul, dyed some ball trim with red Kool-Aid and bleached some seam binding. The good news is that I will get all these projects up to share with everyone over the next few weeks. I really want this blog to be a place where we share ideas with each other. I am looking forward to meeting all my new blogland friends!

Anyone doing One LIttle Word or something similar? I discovered this blog last year and it changed my resolutions cause the focus of my goals became faith based. I had seen Ali Edwards OLW in the past but this one just stuck with me better. My word for this year is Priorities. The last few years have been difficult and I think as a self-soothing measure I began procrastinating BADLY and doing fun stuff before needed and important stuff. Thank the Lord I put myself on a scrap shopping freeze or things could have gotten ugly LOL. I have been putting too many things off for too long and/or not doing things I needed to do. I really need this to change cause the latter end of this year has me feeling the effects of it. I know this has not been healthy for me either. So....on to "handlin' my bizness" so I can do God's business. My other goal is to spend time BEING with my children and doing loving and not the just the necessary things for them. My job is demanding on my time and emotional energy and my kids have gotten the shift for it. That will change this year! I am looking forward to my changes. What about you? Did you pick a word or set resolutions, please share.