Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Have ya'll seen the new TH markers?????

Okay I am just beginning to use T.Holtz products and I am admittedly not the biggest TH fan (I feel like I just committed blasphemy by saying that) but I really want these new markers. It's not that I do not like his products, It's just that I am a direct ink to paper kinda girl and to have to pull out sponges and felt squares just annoys me. Also I am not a big stamper and don't like coloring much but something about these markers intrigue me. I do love to journal and I have been thinking of taking a watercolor class so maybe that's it, IDK......All I know is that I really really want these. Check 'em out:


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  2. I can't get the link to work but here it is.

  3. Anonymous2/13/2012

    hello april
    i'm trying to contact you but cant seem to find you email address! i really like your work and would like to get started on planning the "daddy's girl" mini scrap book. Please email me back at
    thank you

  4. Hi April. First-time visitor from Cleveland, OH. I saw a comment you made on the "Hope Studios" blog and decided to click through. And I agree with what you said about her "Feedback Friday" posts. Keep them going.

    Hope you had a good weekend.